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Tire Maintenance for RVs in Indiana

One of the most important components to a working RV are the tires. Obviously, without these little rubber tubes, your RV would be little more than a small, box house. Because of this, the maintenance of the tires is of the utmost importance. We are certain that you did not invest in your RV to let it turn into a glorified stationary trailer. Unless you and your family are constantly on the road in your RV, it is likely that your vehicle will be in storage for a portion of hte year. It is during this time that you need to make sure that your tires are taken care of. What worse killjoy than the time coming for you to take a vacation only to find that you need all new tires? If you want to keep them up during these interim times, follow some of these tips.

  • Keep the vehicle in a cool, dry storage area out of direct sunlight or UV rays.

  • Place the vehicle on blocks to remove the weight from the tires. If the vehicle can't be put on blocks, make sure the storage surface is firm, clean, well-drained and reasonably level.

  • Unload the vehicle so that minimum weight is on the tires.

  • Inflate tires to the recommended pressure plus 25%, but don't exceed the rim manufacturer's inflation capacity.

  • Thoroughly clean the tires with soap and water before storing them.

  • Move the vehicle at least every three months to help prevent ozone cracking and flat-spotting, but avoid moving it during extremely cold weather.

For more information about how to keep your tires safe or to get some maintenance on your RV, contact us.