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2014 Livin Lite Quicksilver For Sale In Illinois

Indiana and Chicago customers will find a variety of Livin Lite Quicksilver RV models for sale at popular dealer Bradley Bourbonnais RV! Quicksilver offers a versified selection of tent campers and truck tent campers to make you camping trips as comfortable as possible.

Traveling with your family and going on a camping trip can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime. How you camp is your choice, but we highly recommend picking up a Quicksilver tent camper or truck tent camper. These type of RVs will make your camping trips throughout IL and Indiana a breeze!

Truck Tent Campers

One of the main attractions of Livin Lite RV models is that they are built all-aluminum. From frame to wall to roof and floor, everything is made from 100% aluminum. That said, the tent campers are the perfect fit for campers, hunters, weekend warriors and beyond. The truck camper offers sleeping space for four, including a dinette that converts to a bed. Customers will also be able to utilize storage cabinet/TV stands. Plus, when this camper is folded, you can still use the rear view mirror on the road!

Whether you own a full size truck or smaller truck, we have the Quicksilver tent camper RV that will fit!

Automotive Tent Campers

As we stated earlier, all Livin Lite RV models are made out of 100% aluminum, including the automotive tent campers. These models are the lightest way to camp yet. The new Quicksilver XLP features a full LP and opens up to a massive 20' interior with a 6'4" ceiling height and features more storage than any model in its class. This model is also so lightweight that passenger cars are able to tow it!

For those that don't need such an XL automotive tent camper, take a look at the 6.0 model. This is the lightest automotive tent camper model available and can be towed by the smallest of cars. Livin Lite responded to the demand for an even lighter RV model, yet it manages to comfortably sleep four!

Customers may also opt for an aluminum rear storage deck which will fit coolers, firewood or other camping necessities.

Get more information about truck tent campers and automotive tent campers at our IN RV dealership. We are well known in the Chicago and Indiana area for being an authority on RV dealer services. We have been selling portable RV models for a long time and will be able to help you figure out which model suits your lifestyle the best. Indiana and Chicago customers are welcome to contact our IL RV dealership directly at 815-933-2251 for more information today!